Christmas Baking

Mrs.Fezziwig’s Gingerbread Men
Gingerbread cookies.
Mr.Fezziwigs Annual Christmas Black Forrest Cake Special
Dark chocolate cake, fresh cream,
Sour cherries, and Kirsch liqueur.
Butter Shortbread
12 Boxed all butter shortbread.
Christmas Cookies
22 Christmas cookies Christmas wrapped.
Mixed Tarts
12 Butter tarts & Mince tarts. Christmas wrapped.
Mince Tarts
12 Mince tarts, Christmas wrapped.
1 lb Mr. Fezziwig’s Cornish Christmas Pudding
Our puddings are made from an old Cornish family recipe!
German Stollen
With mixed fruit, nuts and marizpan.
Large German Stollen
With mixed fruit, nuts and marizpan.
Yule Log
Dark chocolate cake filled with chocolate cream,
and covered with chocolate.
Christmas Fruit Cakes

6” square Christmas fruit cake, untied



6” square Christmas fruit cake with marzipan and top iced $27.00
6” square Christmas fruit cake fully iced, marzipan fully decorated $31.00
Christmas Savouries…
Frozen, ready to bake or baked
12 Bridge Rolls $8.25
6 Cocktail Sausage Rolls

Gift Card Special

Fezziwig’s Gift Certificates
A $30.00 value for just $25.00!

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